Finding the Safe – Level 18


  • 40 pages with full-colour illustrations
  • Level 18
  • Familiar plot structures with experiences that students can personally relate to
  • Recurring characters who students can identify with
  • Short chapters to maintain reader interest
  • Innovative text features and graphic elements such as illustrations, character profiles, maps, raps and glossaries
  • A text type focus for each book
  • Comprehensive Teaching Notes that focus on reading strategies, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and spelling. Activity sheets to support the learning in these area are also included
  • Order 6 or more books of the same title and pay only $9.50 each book.


    Team Turbo decided to go to the cave under the cliffs in the holidays. On the way they found some money and a safe on the path. It was Stace and Doris, the dog, who helped the police to catch the thieves.