The Fear Factor – Level 21


  • 40 pages with full-colour illustrations
  • Level 21
  • Familiar plot structures with experiences that students can personally relate to
  • Recurring characters who students can identify with
  • Short chapters to maintain reader interest
  • Innovative text features and graphic elements such as illustrations, character profiles, maps, raps and glossaries
  • A text type focus for each book
  • Comprehensive Teaching Notes that focus on reading strategies, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and spelling. Activity sheets to support the learning in these area are also included
  • Order 6 or more books of the same title and pay only $9.50 each book.


    The Saltspray Funday had a Fear Factor competition. Stace had entered all of Team Turbo, even Kylie. Maddy wasn’t sure that she wanted to enter but she was the one who faced the fear that no one else would.