Sunshine Phonics Decodable Books

New Australian Series with real stories using words that children can read!​

Covering 23 phonemes of English

  • Sunshine Phonics – Sets 1-3, Single Pack, 1 x 30 Titles

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  • Sunshine Phonics – Sets 1-3, Multi Pack, 5 x 30 Titles

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  • Sunshine Phonics – Teachers’ Book, Sets 1-3

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  • Alphabet Flash Cards

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SET 1: s a t p i n m d

SET 2: g o b h e r f u l

SET 3: c k ck j qu v w x y z zz ff ll ss

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A Decodable Program to help all children learn to read

The program teaches children phonics skills in a sequential and systematic way so that they can learn the sounds (phonemes) and the letters that represent them (graphemes) and then practise and apply this knowledge through reading a text that makes sense. This ensures that every beginning reader will experience success in their reading from their very first book!

The program features:

• Decodable vocabulary with some high-frequency words

• Enjoyable stories

• Systematic progression for learning the sounds (phonemes)

• Full-colour illustrations to support meaning

• Teaching notes included in each book

• Characters revolve around one family with their friends and pets.

These books will help all beginning readers to learn the sounds they need to decode the words they meet in their reading. This way all children are set up for an enjoyable and successful reading experience.

The first three sets of the program cover 23 phonemes of English.
There are 10 books in each set (30 total).
Sets 1-3 introduce all consonants and short vowels.
Sets 1-3 focus is on predominantly VC and CVC words and a few tricky words.

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