Discovering Asia

Discover the fascinating peoples and places, histories and cultures of Asia

  • Covering 16 countries, the books explore an interesting range of topics from traditional folk tales through to contemporary issues.
  • Each book features a selection of different text types.
  • Digital versions of eight of the titles are available for use on interactive whiteboards and computers.
  • Text format: 24 full-colour pages in a larger format (245mm x187mm)


Students will be engrossed in their reading with these texts. Along with a folktale, each book contains fascinating facts and information about the focus country. Historical information, arts and culture and contemporary topics are covered.


The majority of the texts are informational. This information is presented in ways that make it appealing to students and easy to access. Blocks of text are interspersed with photographs, maps, diagrams and fact boxes.


Eight titles are available as e-books. There are also two online writing activities with templates for students to create a blog and a poster. Digital versions are accessed at

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