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Manipulatives for your classroom.

Junior Learning and Sunshine Books are bringing you high-quality manipulatives to help your students practise decoding words. These are an excellent resource to use in conjunction with the Sunshine Decodables Phonics series. From word games to CVC word strips to building multisyllabic words, students can sequence the letters, blend the letters and spell the words. For ages 4+, these manipulatives are an important addition to the decodable toolbox.

Rainbow Letters – Print

Ages 4+  JL196  $17.99

Rainbow Letters (in print script) are a set of magnetic letters in a box. Includes 2 sets of the alphabet and an extra 2 sets of vowels. Vowels are colour-coded in red and consonants are colour-coded in blue. Perfect for building CVC words or completing alphabet arc activities.
Magnetic board and VersaBoard not included, CVC Strips sold separately

Rainbow Phonics Magnetic Letters

Ages 4+  JL194  $39.99

Set of 84 magnetic foam letters with a unique in-built magnetic board. Children build new words on the magnetic board as they discover new letter patterns. A phonics progression teaching guide is included to introduce new letters week by week. Letters are colour-coded.
Include vowels, consonants, digraphs, vowel digraphs, changeable vowel sounds, r-controlled and split digraphs.

CVC Blender

Ages 4+  JL653  $39.99

The exciting word building game allows children to blend sounds to make new words. It focuses on the most common words in Consonant Vowel Consonant patterns. The perfect game for beginning readers and spellers, although suitable for any ages and mixed ability groups. Works with CVC Blenders for word-building fun. Be the first to complete your words and win the game.
Contains 90 letter titles and 16 word-building phoneme frames.

Rainbow CVC Objects

Ages 4+  JL641  $25.99

Rainbow CVC Objects are a set of 40 magnetic foam CVC objects in a box. Begin to teach CVCs in an interactive, hands-on and fun way as children identify objects and sound out their consonant, vowel, consonants, such as bat, fox and pig.

CVC Word Strips

Ages 4+ JL198  $34.99

CVC Word Strips includes 24 magnetic word strips for building consonant-vowel-consonant words. Each strip has a photographic image and is double-sided with a word frame on one side and the word printed on the other. Perfect for self-correcting.
* Rainbow Letters sold separately. VersaBoard not included

Phonics Tri-Blocks Tub

Ages 5+ JL175  $49.99

Build words with your Tri-Blocks tub and learn short vowels, long vowels, adjacent consonants, split digraphs, multi-syllabic words, and adding suffixes. Turn each Tri-Block and manipulate the middle sound (CVC or CVVC), change a blend (‘sp’ to ‘sl’ or ‘st’), or change a spelling (y to i) when adding a suffix. Tri-blocks let you know your spelling rules by their colour-coding and their unique block orientations. Unique connector block included for building multi-syllabic words.
Contains 90 colour-coded blocks and a teaching guide that follows a systematic phonics progression.

Rainbow Phonics Tiles

Ages 5+ JL654  $39.99

This collection of phonics tiles includes all of the most common letter patterns, including consonants, short vowels, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs and split digraph (each colour-coded accordingly). Comes with a self-contained storage box and a pop-up whiteboard. Also includes phoneme frames of different sizes for building different words. Compatible with supporting resources such as blend objects, vowel objects and magic e objects. Everything you need to model and practise spelling new words.

CVC Bingo

Ages 5+ JL544  $17.99

A picture matching game for teaching consonant-vowel-consonant patterns. Contains 4 boards and 24 cards.

CVC Builders

Ages 5+ JL684  $24.99

A set of 26 cards with picture and colour guides for building CCVC words. For use with Phonics Tri-Blocks Tub (sold separately).

CVC Spelligator

Ages 5+ JL100  $49.99

A fun word building game using single consonants, vowels, consonant and vowel digraphs and adjacent consonants. The player who makes the most words is the winner! Includes 4 Spelligators, 75 colour-coded letter tiles, a game guide and a word list.

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