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Sunshine Reading Road

Fully decodable texts for older students

Reading Road 5

  • Builds on knowledge gained from Reading Road 3 and Reading Road 4 (simple code, complex code, 46 alternate graphemes)

  • Introduction of 24 new alternate graphemes for known phonemes
  • Inside front cover focuses on some of the alternate graphemes and gives focus words for the book
  • Inside back cover gives suggested discussion points for after reading
  • Fully decodable text (with some tricky words)
  • Reinforcement and consolidation of phonics knowledge learnt in the Sunshine Phonics Decodables program
  • All new, modern characters and story themes that upper primary age students can relate to
  • Non-fiction themes of interest to upper primary age students
  • Age-appropriate illustrations or photographs
  • 28 pages
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • Free teaching notes and student worksheets available from the Teacher Resources page (coming soon)

Reading Road 3, 4 and 5 available mid-June – Pre-order now.

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Three young surfers are enjoying the sun and the surf when a shadow of a shark appears deep in the sea. Leo remembers enough of what his parents told him to keep safe.

Mick and Rohan expect to enjoy a challenging hike through the woods, but at the last minute they are joined by Mick’s younger sister, Sandy. Mick and Rohan don’t want Sandy to hold them back, but when they get lost in the woods it is Sandy who keeps calm and finds the way home.

Josh is Deaf and he and his friend Lin communicate using Sign. On a white-water rafting trip, disaster strikes when Lin tumbles out of the raft into the fast moving river. The river’s loud roar makes communication with her impossible but Josh and Lin’s ability to communicate using Sign keeps Lin calm and help the instructors to rescue her successfully.

Three friends enter a talent quest with their band, the 3 Jays. Their main rival is a band called the Swan Queens. One Swan Queens band member wants to win so badly that she tries to sabotage the 3 Jays’ performance, but other band members come to the rescue. In the end, all is forgiven. This story features the same characters as Rock it! in Reading Road 1 but stands alone as an independent story.

Enzo comes from Italy to visit his friend Coen. When Enzo accidentally drops his camera into a burrow, the boys get chased all over Wombat Valley by a grumpy wombat. It’s only when Mum downloads Enzo’s photos from inside the burrow, that the reason for the wombat’s behaviour is discovered.

Brave animals have helped people in wars throughout history. The book looks at four animals’ stories – a packhorse called Bill, a clever Pointer dog, a bomb-sniffing German Shepherd dog and a little grey kitten who is smuggled onto a battleship.

Some foods were discovered by happy accident, such as sandwiches, corn flakes, popsicles and many, many more.

Helicopters are used for mountain rescues, shark watching, air support, fire fighting and a lot of other things besides. This book examines some of the many and various ways that helicopters can help us.

Robots can be coded to do things that are too hard, boring or dangerous for humans to do. They can help us in many ways, such as in factories, in search and rescue and in caves. And robots have lot of domestic uses too, such as being a friend or support robot. They can even spy on wild animals to help us find out more about them.

What is a shipwreck, what causes them and what happens when a ship is wrecked. This book answers all these questions and tells the tale of two shipwrecks and what happened to the boat crews.

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