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Sunshine Reading Road

Fully decodable texts for older students

Reading Road 1

  • Consonants, short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs and vowel trigraphs, r-controlled vowels (this equates to Set 5 of the Sunshine Decodable program)
  • Inside front cover focuses on some of the sounds in the book and gives focus words for the book
  • Inside back cover gives suggested discussion points for after reading
  • Fully decodable text (with some tricky words)
  • Reinforcement and teaching of phonics in a systematic, sequential progression
  • All new, modern characters and story themes that upper primary age students can relate to
  • Non-fiction themes of interest to upper primary age students
  • Age-appropriate illustrations or photographs
  • 24 pages, approx 800 words
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • Free teaching notes and student worksheets available from the Teacher Resources page
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Dot is a red ladybug who wants to keep all the food she finds to herself. This is very disappointing for Dash, a bee who wants food and friendship.

Formatted as a play, or readers’ theatre, two girls practise their football skills so they can be better and fitter when competing in their football matches.
A graphic novel about a happy, but slightly undisciplined dog being entered into a dog competition. (The characters also feature in A robber at Pop’s in Reading Road 2.)

Three friends form a band to compete at the local fair, but the singer is nervous about performing in front of an audience.

Two boys investigate stories about a mysterious dark animal rumoured to be in the park.
Methods that clever animals use to cool down in the summer heat.
A look at how animals use their tails and what tails can tell us.
We follow a girl as she completes all her jobs around the family farm. This is a non fiction book featuring both illustrations and photographs.
A historical and modern look at footwear.
A look at hats through the ages.
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