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Sunshine Reading Road

Fully decodable texts for older students

Reading Road 2

  • All phonics covered in Reading Road 1 plus adjacent consonants with short and long vowel sounds (this equates to Set 7 of Series 2 of the Sunshine Decodable program)
  • Inside front cover focuses on some of the sounds in the book and gives focus words for the book
  • Inside back cover gives suggested discussion points for after reading
  • Fully decodable text (with some tricky words)
  • Reinforcement and teaching of phonics in a systematic, sequential progression
  • All new, modern characters and story themes that upper primary age students can relate to
  • Non-fiction themes of interest to upper primary age students
  • Age-appropriate illustrations or photographs
  • 24 pages, approx 900 words
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • Free teaching notes and student worksheets available from the Teacher Resources page
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A graphic novel featuring the characters from One top dog in Reading Road 1. Pop is dressed up as a robber for Nick’s latest film, but the neighbours spot him and call the police.
Dev and Kath explore a dark lair in the hills where they have been told old coins were buried long, long ago. Then they hear some tapping, and worry that the ghostly owner of the coins might still be around. (Black and white illustrations.)
Two girls visit the hairdressers and read up about the history of hair while enjoying the sight of well groomed dogs coming out of the pet groomers next door.
Ted dreams of being a tap dog star, but his family prefer chasing sticks and rolling in mud. The Bow Wow Hop seems like the ideal occasion for Ted to follow his dream.
Bud the dog is sinking into quicksand at the beach and his owners gather all their friends together in a race against the clock to try and save him.

Flying cars, green cars, racing cars, sports cars – this book covers all these and many, many more cool cars.

We accompany Oliver and his grandad on their camping trip and learn lots of tips for camping and how to have fun whatever the weather. This is a non fiction book featuring both illustrations and photographs.
This book looks at lots of fun hobbies and jobs that people can do, and checks out the risks so that we can all be safer when we do them.
Animals and people like to sleep in all sorts of different places – from dens to trees, and beach huts to camper vans.
Take a look at all sorts of teeth – flat teeth, sharp teeth and fangs – and the animals that have them.
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