Sunshine Online Decodable Library (Parent/Caregiver)


The Decodable Library contains 180 child-centred, relatable titles – both fiction and non-fiction. The titles follow a synthetic, systematic, cumulative, and sequential scope and sequence, so that students are exposed to phonemes and graphemes sequentially and then read meaningful texts containing only those sounds and letters that they have learnt.

  • 180 meaningful, engaging titles – fiction and non-fiction
  • A synthetic, systematic, cumulative, and sequential scope and sequence
  • Students listen to pure sound articulation of all phonemes, and segmenting and blending of words
  • Students record themselves segmenting and blending words and reading the text
  • Titles are automatically unlocked in sequential order
  • Many opportunities for learning in the classroom and at home
  • Allows for student independent learning
  • Easy-to-use teacher administration to assign work and review and track student progress
  • Set up to 3 children
  • Includes parent dashboard for monitoring progress
  • Includes activities and teacher notes