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My Wellbeing Journal

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My Wellbeing Journals (F–6) are personal spaces for students to express their feelings, fears, goals, struggles and opinions without fear of judgement from others. They are tools children can use to help get their private thoughts out of their minds and onto paper, while simultaneously learning techniques and strategies to cope with life’s challenges. It is widely acknowledged that mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, affect one in seven primary-aged children, and an estimated 50% of all serious mental health issues in adulthood begin before age 14. (

Throughout the My Wellbeing Journals, students will be offered exercises that focus on:

  • self-management 
  • self-awareness
  • social awareness
  • relationship skills
  • responsible decision making

$12.95 each

The benefits of keeping a journal have been well documented. It is believed that writing down thoughts can help individuals achieve mental clarity and prioritise worries or fears. My Wellbeing Journals have been created by Lauren O’Brien, a passionate educator and best-selling author. The journals are well-researched, easy-to-use student resources designed to assist in improving overall wellbeing in school-age children.

Teacher's Manuals​

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The teacher’s manuals have been compiled by Rose Pennington, a primary school teacher, positive education PhD student and social and emotional learning consultant. The teacher’s manuals provide background information on each topic presented in the journals, curriculum links, learning intentions, success criteria, core competency categorisation, whole-class discussion prompts, creative embedding activities across different facets of the curriculum, hands-on mindfulness activity ideas as well as general lesson notes and 29+ blackline master worksheets to aid in the teaching of Social, Emotional and Academic Learning (SEAL). The content aims to provide children with a sense of control over their lives; that is, helping them to understand that their perspective of, rather than circumstances themselves, will have an impact.

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