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Join us for a free 45-minute webinar on topics that support your implementation of a systematic, synthetic phonics approach to reading.

Creating Confident Writers in F-2

Children need to communicate their thoughts and ideas through written language. Explicit teaching is required of vocabulary, sentence structure, organisation and clarity to convey a message accurately. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are the foundation substrata for effective writing. In this webinar we will explore how all these parts work together to create confident and successful young writers.

Date: Thursday, 30 May
Time: 4.30pm – 5.15pm (AEST)
Duration: 45 minutes

Handwriting - Putting Pencil to Paper

The importance of teaching handwriting through modelling and explicit teaching.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why teach handwriting – is there Science behind it?
  • Building blocks to writing readiness
  • Hand dominance – left handers vs right handers – what’s the fuss?
  • Pencil grip, posture, and paper position
  • Letter formations and directionality – the sequence of strokes
  • Locational cues and legibility
  • Dysgraphia accommodations
  • Modelling Handwriting – a lesson online

Date: Thursday, 6 June
Time: 4.30pm – 5.30pm (AEST)
Duration: 60 minutes


About the Presenter: Beata Goldman

Beata is a skilled K-2 teacher with almost three decades of experience! Over the last nine years, Beata has concentrated her professional development on Early Years Literacy, gaining an in-depth understanding of the Science of Reading. Her deliberate, systematic, and structured approach to phonics teaching has enriched her students' reading, spelling, and writing skills. In addition to her classroom contributions, Beata has been a mentor to fellow educators, delivering impactful professional development presentations and fostering collaborative learning experiences.

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