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Sunshine Books are pleased to be able to support educators with new professional learning workshops.

The synthetic phonics approach to teaching literacy is new to some educators. Many educators have questions about the theory behind synthetic phonics and others are looking for guidance on how best to approach teaching it.

Our workshops are designed to address these questions in depth. The professional learning workshop “Cracking the alphabetic code! Read, write and spell with mastery. Implementing a systematic, synthetic phonics approach” provides the theoretical pedagogy and understanding of the Science of Reading and the practical implementation of this in F-2 classrooms.

Our presenter is Beata Goldman.

Beata is a highly skilled F-2 teacher with almost three decades of experience. She has an in-depth understanding of the Science of Reading and her deliberate, systematic and structured approach to phonics teaching has enriched her students’ reading, spelling and writing skills.

In addition to her classroom contributions, Beata has been a mentor to fellow educators, delivering impactful professional development presentations and fostering collaborative learning experiences.

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