Discovering Australia

Discover the beauty and richness of the peoples and places, flora and fauna of Australia, past and present.

  • Each of the ten books features a Dreaming or Traditional Story as the focus text which is then followed by an interesting range of connected topics.
  • A selection of text types is included in each book.
  • Most of the titles are also available in a digital format.
  • Text format: 24 full-colour pages in a larger format (245mm x 187mm)


Each book provides models of different text types. Across the series the following are covered:
• Report
• Recount
• Explanation
• Poetry
• Songs
• Procedural
• Persuasive
• Transactional


The different topics within each book are usually covered in two to
four pages. This amount of text and visual information is ideal for a single focused guided reading session.


Eight titles are available as e-books for use on iPads and computers. The books also feature an open-ended interactive writing activity. To view, visit
and sign up for a free trial.

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